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Branding & Company Image Help Customers Make Decisions About You

“A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well.” Jeff Bezos

Have you thought about the value of hiring a content writer for your business? You might think that there are so many nuances in your business that someone else can’t possibly write for you. That’s where you might be wrong. The truth is that a good content writer is adept at improving branding by knowing how to appeal to different audiences. And they are highly skilled in understanding how to write for different businesses. The most successful business owners focus on running their business on a daily basis and leave a professional to manage the marketing, content, and branding.

A good content writer is adept at improving branding by knowing how to appeal to different audiences.

According to Merriam-Webster’s 11th Edition Collegiate Dictionary, a brand is a mark made by burning a hot iron to attest manufacture or quality or to designate ownership; a printed mark or trademark used for similar purposes; a mark put on criminals—even a mark of disgrace. When it comes to content, branding is about everything that wraps up your company’s package–and everything inside the package too. Everything you do (or don’t do) as a company supports and enhances (or detracts from) your company’s brand. So, once you’ve got your logo established, Where do you go from there?

Here are just a few areas that content writers can make a huge difference in your branding efforts.

Content Writers Can Help Your Brand Find a Voice

You might remember your mother saying, “If you can’t say anything nice, then don’t say anything at all.” The same can be said for business too. To rephrase it, you might say, “If you can’t write anything worthwhile and impactful, don’t write anything at all.” Words are important. At Precise, we say Every Word Counts. And it’s most true when it comes to company branding. The words you choose can build a loyal fan base or turn people away altogether. That’s why your brand voice is essential to your business success.

49% of senior marketing leaders say their top challenge is branding, or telling their story to differentiate themselves from competitors.
-Experian poll

A good content writer will dig deep into your company culture, vibe, personnel, and customer base to determine the best way to communicate and represent your brand. When working to establish and identity, you’ll want to ensure that every piece of marketing supports your brand image and aligns with your customers’ expectations. A good content writer will perform the following functions to help solidify an ongoing relationship with your customer base.

  • Find the right words to appeal to your target audience.
  • Use the right humor (sarcastic, lighthearted) to align with your brand image.
  • Ensure that your voice is consistent throughout all of your platforms.
  • Create content that displays your brand style (narrative, punchy).
  • Suggest where you should be marketing your brand.
  • Find guest content opportunities to help build exposure.
content writer improves branding

A Good Content Writer Keeps Marketing Consistent

A Content Writer Can Create a Brand Style Guide

A brand style guide is a rule book for all company marketing materials. Are there certain ways you want to be represented in written copy? Word that work? And words that don’t? A good content writer can help create a brand style guide for your business.

  • Key language used to talk about services or products
  • Words and phrases that showcase your ideal style (Casual, formal, fun, playful)
  • Font choices and sizes for logo, headlines, copy, etc.
  • Preferred colors (CMYK, RGB or Hex)
  • Preferred images (and which to avoid)
  • Sentence structure (Short or long sentences, conversational or by the book)
  • Word choice (company buzzwords to use or avoid)
  • Humor preferences (puns, playful language, sarcasm)

A Good Content Writer Keeps Marketing Consistent

Consistency is key when it comes to business communication. Customers notice when you can stay on brand at the right moments and be personal when it counts. A content writer can help improve your branding by offering consistency in the following areas:

  • Keep your brand image and content strategy synonymous.
  • Keep content balanced. (It’s not all about you.)
  • Keep your communication on brand.
  • Use content to control brand perception.
  • Use content to educate and entertain followers/fans.

You’re more than just a business. You’re the people behind a business. And that is what customers find most enticing about a brand. Solve a problem for them and make them happy that you did. You’ll be remembered… and they’ll let their friends know too.

The most successful business owners focus on running their business on a daily basis and leave a professional to manage the marketing, content, and branding.

Whatever your business, branding remains a permanent image in the consumer’s mind. Most companies, if they are serious about themselves, put loads of time, effort, and money into brand development. Beyond colors, designs, fonts, and logos, branding is ultimately about story. What’s your company’s story? What are your employees’ stories? What’s your story?

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