by Jennifer Sellers

Marketing Your Brand With Instagram Nametags

Instagram tops the list as one of the most popular social platforms for businesses to achieve your company’s marketing goals. The latest feature launched by the platform—Instagram Nametags—offers brands an easier, quicker way to direct followers to your business accounts.

You know that an active social media presence is critical to marketing in our competitive economy. In addition, social media has the proven power to build big marketing results for your business.
• Grow your name recognition
• Attract new customers
• Create brand-supportive, interactive communities

What are Instagram Nametags?

An Instagram Nametag is a personalized code for your Instagram account. Much like a QR code or snapcode, other Instagram users can scan your account’s Nametag to easily and instantly follow you.

The beauty of Nametags is that they make Instagram follows effortless and foolproof. Without this feature, consumers have an extra step in finding you.

 They have to retype your username as they’ve seen it published.
 They have to conduct a search for your username.

Extra steps invite room for error. They also mean many consumers may never go through the trouble of searching in the first place!

[pullquote]Display your Nametag anywhere… including your store or office, or at a conference.[/pullquote]

By providing an immediately scannable code, your Instagram Nametag allows consumers to follow you with a quick wave of the phone. They simply open their own Instagram account and select the Nametag menu option to scan your Nametag wherever it appears.

  • Your website or social media account
  • By email
  • On an employee’s phone
  • Printed on a brochure, business card or handout

Tips for Marketing with Nametags

If your business has an Instagram account, you don’t have to create a Nametag; Instagram already has it ready and waiting for you.

  • While in the app, just click on your account and search the menu in the upper right-hand corner.
  • Click on “Nametag,” and you will find your personal Nametag there with your account’s username.

Customize Your Instagram Nametag

While you don’t have to create your own Nametag you can—and should—customize it. Currently, Instagram offers three different ways to personalize your Nametag.

  • Select a specific gradient color background.
  • Choose a customized emoji sticker background.
  • Add a selfie.

The colorful backgrounds offer simple, non-distracting options, while the emoji stickers provide a playful brand tie-in. For example… a florist may want to choose a flower emoji as wallpaper for its Nametag background.

[pullquote]Instagram Nametags offers brands an easier, quicker way to direct followers to your business accounts.[/pullquote]

Cross-Promote with Your Nametag

Once you’ve customized your Nametag (which should take all of a minute!), you can start sharing it. In the upper right-hand corner of your Nametag is the share feature. From there, you can send your Nametag to a number of places:

  • It can be forwarded through message or email—or it can be uploaded to another social media platform, like Twitter or Facebook, where you can cross-promote it.
  • You can also save an image of your Nametag so that it can be downloaded and incorporated on your website or printouts.

Print & Share Your Instagram Nametag

Instagram Nametags on printouts—cards, brochures, posters, and handouts—will allow you to display your Nametag anywhere… including your store or office, or at a conference.

Also be sure to keep your Nametag easily accessible on your phone. You, your colleagues or your employees can save the Nametag image as a lock-screen photo. This will make it easily accessible and scannable at meetings, tradeshows, and conferences.

Get Creative with Your Nametag

The options for marketing your brand with Nametag are limitless and customizable. For example:

  • If you’re at a conference, post your Nametag to your Instagram account and other social media platforms using the event hashtag.
  • In the Nametag in slide-deck presentations at meetings and conferences.

Just be sure to make use of this simple, FREE marketing tool to increase exposure for your brand and more rapidly gain followers.

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