5 Low-Cost/No-Cost Tips to Expand Your Social Media Influence through Content

OK, say you’ve got a blog post—or another piece of content—on your website and you start spreading the word on social media. You probably send out a flutter of tweets, post a link on Facebook, and add the article to your LinkedIn profile.

Most of the time, your content probably maintains a lonely existence on your website subsisting on the occasional hit and even a few comments. Maybe you garner further attention to your site by tweeting your article every few months. What next?

Here are 5 tips to make your content work harder for you.

1.      Create a condensed version of your content in an e-mail blast or newsletter.

Hit the highlights of your topic, then include a link to “Check Out the Full Article Here.” Recipients will be linking back to your website in no time. And don’t forget to give them a reason to stay on your site once they arrive.

2.      Include short paragraphs or bullet points from your article in a brochure or ad.

Repurpose your blog article as body copy, captions, or selling points in a mailer, flyer, or other promotional material/product.

3.      Reorganize content for a press release or news article.

News is free, and there’s nothing a reporter loves more than receiving a well-written press release. In essence, their work is already done—making it more likely for your news to get in print. (We’ll have a future article regarding how to construct a great press release. Look for it soon!)

4.      Create an audio track while you read your blog article.

Let’s face it, our lives are all very busy. Some of us don’t have the time to read a 500-750 word blog article. If reading seems tedious to your followers, they may be more likely to listen to a 90-second mini-podcast. Post it on your website or on YouTube with a few rotating slides to accent your subject matter.

5.      Use your computer’s video camera to record an instructional video.

Who doesn’t love a quick, snappy video with lots of take-away tips? Pick a spot with an attractive background (behind you) and let the cameras roll. Post your new instructional video series on your YouTube channel, and be sure to link it back to your site.

Have a suggestion for low-cost/no-cost marketing or repurposing content? Share away!

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