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Did you know that 46% of web searches on Google are looking for what’s local? In fact, Google searches with the keywords “near me” increased by 136% in 2022. Additionally, 70% of Googlers will visit a store because of the information they found online! These statistics mean that both your marketing and your business’s online presence matter. And your attention to these activities will help determine how many potential customers come through your door.

How to Get More Customers for Your Business

Let’s talk about how to attract your customer base by optimizing your free Google Business Profile tool. Optimization means making the most effective use of this free marketing resource. First, let’s recap the benefits of creating a Google Business Profile:

  1. Google Business Profile is an easy-to-set-up listing. GBP will advertise your business on Google web searches, Google Maps, and other Google platforms for free!
  2. GBP is customizable! You can control how your business is represented to your new and current customers online.
  3. You can receive and respond to customer reviews, which increases trust in your business!
  4. GBP offers detailed insights into your business’s performance online!
  5. GBP will vastly improve your SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, and marketing strategies!

Do you have a small business, a nonprofit, a retail shop, offer online services, or operate in the service industry like restaurants? Google has free, tailored marketing tools to serve your business needs. Optimizing your Google Business Profile will allow you to get the most out of this free advertising tool, attract more customers, and grow your business.

This marketing guide will show you how to take your Google Business page to the next level with some simple optimizations.


With Google, Consistency Is Key to Attract Customers

This is the most important thing to remember when marketing optimizing your Google Business Profile: search engines favor listings that are both accurate and consistent.

Review your Google Business Profile and check for both accuracy and consistency. Here are some questions you can ask yourself:

  1. Is your listing fully populated? Have you filled in every possible piece of information? The more informative your listing is, the higher it will show in Google searches.
  2. Is all of the information on your listing accurate and up to date? Do you have any typos or spelling errors in the descriptions? Have you listed the correct location and/or all of the areas your business products and services?
  3. Does your listing include special closures or holiday hours? For example, if your business is closed on Labor Day every year, it will be important to share that information online with new and existing customers. You wouldn’t want customers to find your business on Google Maps then arrive to a locked storefront — and leave a negative review!

Make sure that any information new and current customers can find on your Google Business Profile is both accurate and consistent.


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The More, The Better for Your Online Google Profile

Google favors business listings that offer more information to their customer base. The more information you share about your business, the more information Google will have to pick up on about your business.

According to Google, business ranking on local web search results is determined primarily by these three marketing factors:

  1. Relevance: Relevance refers to how well a local Business Profile matches what customers are searching for on Google. The more information you provide, the more Google will be able to tell if your business is meaningful to your customer’s local search.
  2. Distance: Google considers the distance of your business from the searcher of a local Google search. If the user does not specify a location or a preferred distance, Google uses the information they already have about the customer to calculate the optimal distance.
  3. Prominence: Google determines prominence in a few ways. It considers institutions that are most prominent offline, such as landmarks and famous brands. It also considers information that is found online about the business beyond the business’s Google Business Profile. For example, does the information on your Google Business Profile match the information provided on your company website? Finally, it considers the number of Google reviews: the more reviews, the more people know about the business, the more prominent the business is.*
    *Psst, the secret magic number is to get at least 43 positive Google reviews.

Share as much information about your business as you can on your Google Business Profile. And make sure it is consistent with any information already shared on your website.

3 Tips to Improve Your GBP Marketing

Here are some ideas to add information to your Google Business Profile and share with potential customers:

  1. Have you selected all of the applicable attributes to your business? These help with more narrow searches. For example, if customers are specifically looking to support a veteran-owned business, sharing this information online will ensure your business remains top of mind.
  2. Have you added any photos or videos of your business location, services, and/or products? The opportunities for photos are endless: unaltered photos of the exterior and interior, logos, action shots, and unaltered photos of products and team members all help set expectations.
    BONUS: Add a few videos under 30 seconds. Make sure to add relevant and accurate captions to your uploads.
  3. Have you utilized Google Business Profile’s Question & Answers section? Create your own Q&As with popular questions that your customers ask and want answers about. Anyone can post Questions and Answers here, so make sure to check regularly, respond to any new queries, and remove inaccurate, user-submitted answers.

Add accurate and consistent information to your Google Business Profile to help your business rank higher in local web search results for your customers. And do it often!

Google Wants Your Ideal Audience to Find You!

Stay on top of your listing. If you add a new dish to your menu, take a photo and upload it to your Google Business Profile. Update any hours changes on your Google Business Profile as soon as possible. If you notice a photo or review that does not represent your brand or violates Google’s content guidelines, flag it for review or removal.

Add your Google Business Profile to your social media and marketing strategy to ensure it is updated consistently and maintains accuracy. This includes responding promptly to all Google reviews, answering questions, and tidying up any misrepresentations of your brand.

Running and marketing a business is a lot of work! Your Google Business Profile optimization will be another investment of your time. But studies show it is well worth the effort! Many smart business owners choose to outsource this work to marketing agencies as well.


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