Your business has a professionally designed website and an active presence on every major social media platform. So, do you really need a business blog too? If you want to ensure a vibrant, attractive brand presence, the answer is a resounding “Yes!”

Business blogs are critical in helping your company establish and popularize your brand—and grow your audience. Consider the following benefits of a business blog.

  • Increased traffic to your website
  • Larger search engine presence
  • Additional way to reach your current and targeted audiences
  • Sharable content for your social media platforms
  • Increased perception of brand trustworthiness
  • Branded educational efforts
  • Opportunity to establish your company as an expert or authority in your industry

Business Blogs Build Your Reputation as an Expert

If your business doesn’t blog, your company will miss opportunities to grow and expand your brand. Not only will blogging create a more active online presence for your business—both in search engines and across social media—but it will also open opportunities for you to reach more clients and consumers.

Think about your company’s area of expertise. Do your customers—and others in your target consumer demographic—consider you the go-to source for information and advice in your industry?

If not, a blog can change all of that.

[pullquote]Business blogs are critical in helping your company establish and popularize your brand—and grow your audience.[/pullquote]

By blogging about topics your company specializes in, you show consumers that you know your business. And it will do wonders to increase the trustworthiness of your brand. As a result, those needing your products and services will rely on your expertise first.

Educating consumers through business blogging can also help introduce your audience to your products and services. Educating your client base (and potential customers) helps them uncover needs—needs your business provides. Check out these benefits for branding your content to both educate and inform.

  • Increased brand loyalty
  • Upward sales growth
  • Higher sales conversion
  • Better customer retention
  • Competitive presence in your industry

business blog

Blogs Make Your Business Google Friendly

A business blog increases your search engine prominence. In fact, blogging is the easiest way to achieve the much-desired marketing tool: search engine optimization (SEO).

Google prefers fresh content. So, a blog will place higher in search engine rankings than a static website that is rarely (or never) updated.

[pullquote]Do your customers—and others in your target consumer demographic—consider you the go-to source for information and advice in your industry?[/pullquote]

By blogging, your business also creates a wider variety of searchable content. When you blog about your business and industry, more people will find you. For example, if you run a custom sewing business, you shouldn’t simply blog about alterations. You should write about the full spectrum of services you offer—whether it’s designing wedding dresses or creating specialty upholstery.

Business Blogs Should Be Professional

Now that you’re convinced… You’re ready to start a blog for your business. What’s next?

Before you get started, ask yourself these questions.

  • Do I have a person on staff who can consistently write concise, informative, high-quality content?
  • Is this person, or anyone else on my staff, able to write well?
  • Is he/she aware of SEO optimization and online marketing best practices?
  • Is my business prepared to blog on a regular schedule: at least monthly, if not weekly or bi-weekly?

A blog that is not professionally written will potentially negate any of the blogging benefits. So, it’s best to meet with a professional writer or online content expert to discuss the best strategy for your business. A professional writer can help you with a variety of options.

  • Build a content strategy for your posts
  • Create and maintain a consistent publishing schedule
  • Develop brand tie-ins for your content
  • Write, edit, and proof your blog
  • Promote your blog on social media, or work with your in-house social media manager

Writing is much more than putting words onto a computer screen. When it comes to your business, precision matters. With the right help, your business’s blog can transform the way your brand is perceived.

At Precise, we specialize in helping businesses communicate effectively to their intended audiences—including creating and maintaining a blog. It’s time to start blogging… let us help you!

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Precise, Jennifer SellersJennifer Sellers has 20 years of experience as a professional writer and
award-winning editor. A lover of language, she has degrees in both English
Literature and Linguistics. However, her obsession with the written word
started when she was a young girl. In her youth, she spent hours hidden away
with books, or pecking away at a toy typewriter.

Jennifer is passionate about creative storytelling, and she also takes
nerd-like delight in content management and planning. Reflective of her
skills and values, she wholeheartedly believes in Precise’s mission to raise
the standard of modern content and helping to ensure that every message is as
inspiring as it is Precise.

A North Carolina native, Jennifer currently makes her home in Greensboro,
N.C. She still spends a lot of time reading books… and these days she
prefers her MacBook Pro to toy typewriters.

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