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Wondering about Google Business Profile benefits? Google My Business (GMB), now called Google Business Profile, allows businesses to create a free advertising and marketing and online presence that includes information about your company, photos, reviews, ratings, hours of operation, and more. It will also help your business to ranked higher in a local online search and be located on Google Maps.

With an estimated 92.18% of market share, Google is the most used search engine worldwide. That means when someone searches for a business like yours, they’re most likely to use Google to find it. If you have a Google Business Profile, formerly known as Google My Business (GMB), there’s a good chance your business will show up in the user’s local search results — and that’s just one of the many Google Business digital benefits.

Simply put, with over one billion search users annually, Google is where you want to have a well-defined search presence, even if you already have a website and social media profiles.

Before diving into the Google Business Profile benefits and how it will boost your presence, let’s learn what it is.

What Is Google Business Profile?

A Google Business Profile is a free digital marketing service that allows businesses to display their basic information, business updates, photos, and customer reviews— and process transactions — on a single platform. These profiles, or business listings, appear in both Google’s local search results and on Google Maps and serve as a prime search engine optimization (SEO) tool.

Search for a business on Google, and you’ll see the business information: name, phone number, directions, images, reviews, questions and answers, and a link to the company’s website. Some businesses even have a link that allows potential customers to order products directly from their Google Business Profile.

Google Business Profile is essentially a detailed, digital snapshot of local businesses. When customers want to learn what your business is about, they’ll first look at your Business Profile through a Google search.

This is why it’s important for your SEO to make an optimized, frequently updated profile that includes Google Business best practices. Your profile should be complete and have the following information:

  • Photos of your business, inside and outside
  • Complete contact information
  • Keywords relevant to your business
  • Working links, including a link to your website
  • Your hours of operation, if applicable
  • Regular updates, including links to your blogs
  • Links to online and YouTube videos
  • A new location
  • And more!

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Key Google Business Profile Benefits for Better Search Engine Results

Google Business Profile is not just another digital marketing platform to create posts for and manage. GBP provides a number of benefits, including ranking higher in Google search results, to the smart business owners who use it. Here are the top seven benefits of a local SEO business listing you can take advantage of today…

1. It’s What Searchers Will See Before They Get to Your Website

It takes only seconds for a user to form an opinion about your company online. That’s why a fully optimized Google Business Profile is one of the best ways to make a good first impression. Most potential customers who learn about your company will do so from a local Google search first — before they get to your website and before they discover your social media. If your local business listing is complete and informative, users will feel more confident about your business—and when doing business with you.

2. Increase Trust in Your Business

Google has established itself as a top trustworthy service. So, if your local business is listed on Google, this will improve your perceived legitimacy as well. According to Google, your potential “customers are 2.7 times more likely to consider a business reputable if they find a complete Business Profile on Google Search.”

A local Google Business Profile with predominately positive reviews helps potential customers build trust in your brand. If they see that most people who did business with you had a favorable experience, they will expect to have a good experience too.

3. Get More (and Much-Needed) Online Reviews

Speaking of reviews, every business needs them. Once you’ve completed setting up your Google Business profile, you can begin collecting positive reviews. Customers who visit your business listing will see a button at the top right corner of the page where they can leave a review. Each review appears in local search results, making them one of the most powerful ways to improve your visibility online.

Of course, you want every review to be positive because they’re often the first thing customers see when they visit your profile on Google — even before they visit your website. People rely on your star rating and reviews to determine if they’ll make a purchase, give you a call, or stop by your store. Without reviews, your business may look as if it has, well, no business. If you want to communicate that your local business is worth visiting or supporting, then you need at least five reviews, but preferably 40 or more.

Plus, when you have a Google profile, you can send customers a convenient link for them to visit your profile and leave a review after they’ve completed a purchase.

4. Get Detailed Digital Insights

Google also provides detailed insights about your business performance and SEO in local online search. Once you create your profile, Google will email you a monthly report that contains valuable analytics, including the following information.

  • Keywords customers used to find your business
  • How often you appeared in search results
  • How many people left reviews
  • How many times your profile was viewed
  • How many people clicked on your website link

You can also review this report in your profile at any time. This data can help you understand how people interact with your business on Google. You can then use these insights to make adjustments or improvements to your local business profile — and your overall digital marketing strategy. For example, knowing how often you appear in search results can help you monitor your SEO efforts.

5. Improve Your Ranking in Google Search

Google Business Profile plays an important role in local SEO marketing by helping you stand out in your community and local service area. When it comes to SEO and Google search rankings, you’ll need to incorporate several tools and methods to continuously improve your rankings.

When a customer searches for a business, Google will first show local businesses that are close to the user. If you don’t have a profile, you may still appear in Google’s results, but much further down the list. That’s because Google gives preference to businesses that have a profile on their site, so these businesses will show up first. And, of course, you want to appear in the first few results because users tend to not scroll too far down in their search results.

Your local business profile will also appear on Google Maps, highlighted with a red icon that users can click to view your profile.

6. Boost Traffic to Your Website

Your website link appears on your main Google Business Profile page. It’s one of the first things customers will see when they visit your profile. If customers want to learn more about your local business, or can’t remember your website address, they can get to your website through your Google Business Profile. In fact, they’ll probably head to Google first to search for it.

This provides a quick way for people to find your website without spending too much time trying to locate your website address, especially if it’s hard to remember. The last thing you want is a customer, or a potential customer, to give up on visiting your website because they can’t find the link. Plus, let’s face it, Google likes it when you use their tools.

7. Get Access to Free Marketing

You can also use Google Business to manage other aspects of your business, such as contact details, photos, and more. This includes adding new locations, updating your address and phone number, as well as linking to recent website content for your customers.

Plus, once Google verifies your local business and activates your profile, you can then access the free marketing kit, which contains personalized promotional and advertising materials for your business. You’ll get Google stickers and decals, templates for social media posts and postcards, and more.

GBP benefits

How to Create a Business Profile on Google

If you haven’t yet set up a Google Business account, now is the perfect time to do so. You can start by creating a profile for your business. This will allow you to add details about your local business for customers, such as contact information, address, phone number, website, and even photos and video.

To list your business on Google, you first need to create an account. If you already have an account, visit Google’s business page, click the ‘Manage now’ button, and complete the steps to create your local profile.

You’ll have to enter Google Business information, like your business’ name and other details, such as address, phone number, and business type (e.g., online retail, home service, or restaurant). To complete and optimize your local profile for customers, you’ll also need to add a business description, hours of operation, photos, videos, and other details. (Note you will want a separate Google Business profile for each store or location you have.)

Check our top tips for creating a Google Business Profile. Google also has a good, short tutorial on creating a profile.

Google Business Profile is one of the best SEO marketing tools to put your business location in front of thousands of local customers in both search results and on Google Maps. It’s also a great way to connect with your potential and existing customers. Without a listing, you’re missing out on a number of Google Business Profile benefits, such as more sales, increased traffic to your website, and greater exposure. So, don’t wait to create your Google Business Profile. Make it a priority today. Your business will thank you!

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