Here’s how you can take advantage of every writing opportunity…

Great Places for Writing

At the doctor’s office. Instead of reading a magazine, grab your pen and paper (or electronic device) and start writing away. Make a promise to pick up where you left off when your day quiets down.

On public transportation. Bus, taxi, plane, subway, etc. You’re hands free, and don’t have to pay attention to where you’re going (sort of). Pick up your pen and write away, record your surroundings, provide sensory description. And unless you’re on a plane, don’t forget your stop.

In a café or coffee shop. Need I say more?

Under the hair dryer at the beauty shop. Again, put the magazine down and write! This is great writing time because the noise of the hair dryer blocks out any distractions. You can get in a zone very quickly.

In the break room at work. Yes, you can even write here, especially if you can take your lunch at an off time. But if you find the chatter too distracting, head to your car in the parking lot or find another quiet place in the building. I used to work for a furniture manufacturer, so I would often head to the showroom, pick a sofa, and kick my feet up to write. That was some productive time!

In your hotel room. Travelling on business? Skip the 5:00 social…or just promise to stay for one beverage. Then stick to it. Run back to your laptop and get to work on your work in progress.

Best Times to Write

Early morning or late evening. When everything is quiet…the world is still waking up or is falling off to sleep. Take advantage of this great writing opportunity when it’s just you and a computer screen (or a notepad).

When all is quiet. No one’s around. The kids are at school. Turn off the radio and TV. Disconnect the internet and lock your cell phone in a drawer. Now get down to business.

When you’re waiting for water to boil. I promise, it won’t boil any faster.

Being Prepared to Write

Carry a small writing notebook and pen with you at all times. This will come in handy when an idea pops in your mind, when you hear a colorful phrase, or when you witness a moment and want to get it on paper.

Keep a writing notebook and pen by your bedside. For those inspirations that hit you in the middle of the night or when you wake from a dream and want to capture every detail before they slip away.

What are your favorite times or places to carve out writing time?

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