Creating Stand-Out Custom Logo Designs to Represent Today’s Brands

Custom Logo Design that Connects with Your Customers

Does your logo look outdated?

Has your business, audience, or competition changed?

Have you updated your company’s values, culture, mission, or vision?

Custom logo design is more than slapping a few colors, letters, and shapes together… it creates first—and lasting impressions—of your business. A logo is a visual representation of both who you are and what you stand for. A great logo generates excitement—and builds a bridge between you and your customer base.

Whether your business is brand new or established, you need to continuously visit how your brand is viewed in the marketplace.

  • Does your logo measure up to your competition?
  • Does it really speak to who you are and the values you represent?

These ideals are more important today than ever before. In an age of growing social and environmental consciousness, it’s important that every component of your company properly represents who you are. Every detail is important… from fonts and colors to shapes and graphics.

Because every part of your logo initiates an emotional reaction in your audience, it’s important it says everything you want your brand to convey—nothing more, nothing less. Here’s a quick test: Separate your name from your logo…

  • What reaction do you get from seeing your logo alone?
  • How does the font make you feel?
  • What emotions do the colors evoke?

These are the questions we ask—and more—when considering designs for a new or established brand.

Key Elements of a Great Brand and Logo

  1. It creates excitement. Your brand identity and logo are living, breathing representations of your business. Your logo should embody the personality behind your brand, symbolize the values and promise you deliver, and appeal to your target demographic.
  2. It’s recognizable and memorable. Your logo should be synonymous with your business—even without your business name attached to it. That means the style, colors, and design need to be easily identifiable and relatable (think, the Nike Swoosh and McDonald’s Golden Arches).
  3. It’s unique. The last thing you want is a logo that’s similar to something else out there—especially in your industry. The Precise Creative team gets charged up about creating exciting logos that uniquely represent you and your company.
  4. It’s transferrable. Your logo needs to work in a variety of places, so it needs to be simple and easy to reproduce (e.g., online, social media, print, video, apparel, sales collateral, and more).

The Precise Creative Custom Logo Design Process

At Precise Creative, our methods are research backed, and that includes custom logo design.

Our values are timeless; our methods are anything but retro.

Here’s what you can expect from the Precise 7-Step Logo Design Process.

Step 1: Brand Discovery

Before we start any graphic design process, we want to get to know you—your company trajectory, and your industry climate. These are the tools we use to develop the most fitting branding package.

The brand discovery process starts with a client meeting or phone call followed by your project proposal. Once the proposal is accepted, we’ll begin our discovery work.

Then, we’ll hold a team/client meeting, including key members of both teams. The goal of this meeting is to be sure all key design personnel and decision makers are on the same page. We’ll also create a Project Brief, which we can all refer back to as we progress. We’ll take your preferences into account at this time as well.

Step 2: Industry Research

Research is key! Once the Project Brief is complete, we conduct internal research to best understand your company’s history, the industry, current market conditions, your audience, and your competition.

With this information in hand, we’ll create the right visual solution. Our research-based custom logo design will incorporate key colors, typography, and visual elements to project an overall brand identity for your company that will work on all necessary platforms.

At Precise Creative, we create logos that meet a variety of needs:

  • Digital and online appearance
  • Print-ready logo files
  • Apparel-friendly logos
  • Building and interior signage
  • Large interior and exterior graphics
  • Vehicle and fleet graphics
  • And more!

Step 3: Brand and Logo Concepting

With research complete, our design team gets to work brainstorming and concepting rough sketches, appropriate fonts and typography, colors, and visual elements to create your branded look.

We’ll then narrow down the most fitting ideas for your company and take our ideas from paper to computer screen. That’s when all of the digital magic happens! With our initial designs in place, we’re ready to schedule a client presentation for initial feedback.

Step 4: Client Presentation

This is when things get exciting or you… and for us too! Many of our clients describe this phase of custom logo design as being like Christmas morning or their birthday.

During this stage you may lean toward one design option more than the others. While that’s normal, we ask that you take your time in making a decision. All brand decisions are emotional, but we want you to be truly confident that you’re choosing the design that best reflects who you are as a company.

So, while your initial reactions are exciting (and important), we want you to take time to reflect and review the designs on your own time. You may also want to include all key decision makers in the final logo selection.

Step 5: Logo Changes

No matter how exciting our custom logo designs are, there are usually tweaks and changes that will need to be made. The final logo design isn’t created in the snap of a finger, but with much thought, research, and talent. The final design will need to meet a variety of needs and represent your brand in the best way possible. We’ll work until you’re completely satisfied.

Step 6: Brand Asset Production

Once you provide sign-off on the final design, we’ll get to work on creating all of your logo assets. You’ll receive a final package with all logo and brand assets, including logo files and formats, font and color specifications, as well as a Brand Style Guide for future consistency and brand integrity.

Step 7: Client Follow Up and Support

It can be overwhelming to incorporate a logo change into all company assets and collateral. From signage to stationery and vehicles to labels, it’s important that you roll out your new brand identity as uniformly as possible. Our design team is available to support you through this process.

It’s essential to select a company that takes the right steps for a winning logo design. You’re in the right hands with Precise Creative.

We’d love to put our expertise to work for you!

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