Case Study


McClure Ergonomics Consulting Services, Inc. was founded in 2006 to help employers provide a safe office and/or manufacturing space for both staff and workers in a variety of industries. Through leading-edge strategies, they save employers time, productivity, and money by providing proven results.


While McClure Ergonomics had established itself as the leader in the industrial and office ergonomics industry, their website was not up to par with their standards and image. Owner Bill McClure wanted a higher-performing website that was representative of his brand to instill a natural confidence in potential clients.


We met with the client to discuss their needs and pain points as well as get a clear idea of McClure’s brand image and client motivation and desires. We explored other businesses in the space and brainstormed content ideas as well as additional ways to promote the company.


We began by building a broad-scale keyword campaign, then used those results to write comprehensive, SEO-optimized website content covering all ergonomic services. We also provided recommendations for top-notch website design and brand-related industry photography to complete the entire package.

Precise Creative followed up by creating monthly blog articles to extend McClure’s reach and further establish them as the leader in the ergonomics industry, plus create social media posts for additional sizzle and outreach.


Bill McClure has been contracted by Forbes 500 and NYSE companies as well as received government assignments.

In just 4 months, McClure Ergonomics has made back 5 times their investment in a new website!

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