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Background delivers an easy way to capture, preserve, and share family history, whether someone is telling their own LifeStory™ or that of a loved one. The website will provide a safe and secure way to upload and save family photos, add accounts that tell the story of each photo, plus generate a map of where someone has lived and traveled, create a family tree, and build a life timeline through a unique LifeReview™.


As both a new concept, web application, and startup, Lastly needed to enter the market as an absolute leader and team player in assisting families to record and preserve their legacies. Owner Joe Dunlop was very mindful of branding, image, and trust. Lastly needed on point website copy and a blog to grow organic traffic. He knew it would take time and dedication to grow meaningful traffic—and he wanted to build that traffic prior to launch.


We scheduled multiple in-person meetings and phone conversations to best understand the Lastly concept, goals, and future plans. Our goal was to help Lastly become the go-to source for not only personal and family legacy preservation but also all end-of-life matters from funeral planning and eulogy writing to the art of storytelling and creating lasting memories.


Precise Creative first set out to create website content to best represent the brand as well as create the connection between Lastly and the end user. Next, we wrote several free, downloadable e-books that served as a further connection and resource for users: Leave a Legacy, Preserving Your Parents’ Legacy, How to Write an Obituary, and How to Write a Eulogy. These four books have been downloaded close to 1,000 times, each giving a valuable lead with an email address for email marketing.

In addition, Lastly hired a third party to conduct in-depth market research and provide an ongoing list of comprehensive blog article topics, heading suggestions, and potential keywords and phrases. Precise Creative built out each blog article (1,000–2,500 words each) in order to set Lastly up as the industry leader right out of the gate.


With over one year of posting consistent weekly blog articles, Lastly’s momentum with organic traffic has significantly increased, ensuring a growing base of potential users for future marketing.

Lastly recently hit an all-time high of 269 daily website visitors! These are visitors that were looking for help, typed a question into a search engine, and were directed to one of their blog articles. Not bad for a company still finalizing its product launch. Converting just 1% of those visitors, would add 2–3 new customers per day in the future!

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