Case Study


Blue Shark Vodka (The Shark That Won’t Bite) is a new spirit brand that was five years in the making and launched in 2019. Made from gluten-free, non-GMO Carolina corn; distilled four times; and filtered three times; Blue Shark Vodka appeals to all—for those who labor, those who run companies, those who prefer to relax, and those who enjoy a weekend outing or get-together.


Introducing a new spirit brand on an already-crowded liquor shelf, both in ABC stores and in restaurant bars, with well-established nationwide and global players is not an easy task.


Slow growth became the overall emphasis, focusing on the local aspects of the brand (first distillery in Wrightsville Beach and New Hanover County, NC) and NC-grown corn as well as other brand differentiators: handmade shark in a bottle, handmade bottle, and environmental advocacy (annual beach sweep and partnership with Oceanic Research Group tagging blue sharks).


Precise Creative spearheaded the writing of the Blue Shark Lore, brand stories, video scripts, and essential web pages to create a brand voice and identity, much different from other competitors in the space. In addition, we created numerous newsworthy press releases to establish a local and national news presence well before launch. We also partnered to write mock interview questions and answers, so that all brand representatives are on point with the same overall brand message.


Blue Shark Vodka had an exceptional opening year—selling out in the first few months and having to ramp up production again. With a turnout of more than 100 local citizens and brand fans for the first annual Blue Shark Vodka Beach Sweep, continued local press coverage, and a growing tide of brand advocates, Blue Shark Vodka is well on its way to becoming a top player among top-shelf liquors. Ahoy!

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