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Successful Business Owners Balance Customer Communication

As business owners, we are constantly walking a high-wire between getting the word out and beating our customers over the head. Of course, we want to do the first without ever doing the second.

Keeping your customers in the know is a way to build community among your fans and followers, increase product knowledge, and reduce support issues. But similar to Goldilocks and the Three Bears, you can communicate too little, too much or just enough. So, how to judge how much customer communication is just right? Here are six great reasons to engage your customer.

1.     Event. As the saying from Field of Dreams goes—“If you build it, he will come”—if you’re planning an event, let your customers know. And it’s OK to use multiple forms of contact (e.g., web announcement, email, postcard, twitter, facebook, etc.). Not everyone pays attention to every form of contact; we all have our preferences.

2.     Update. Get the word out fast. If you’ve added, changed, or improved upon your services, your customer base will want to know that you’re working hard for them. Earn their business by communicating and creating a dialogue.

3.     Reward. Incentives, incentives, incentives! Let’s face it—in this economy, we’re all looking for a deal. So give them one. Coupons and offers are the best way to reel in a bigger customer base and create a word-of-mouth campaign.

4.     Follow-up. Whether it’s good, bad, ugly, or something in between, always touch base with your customers. Thank them for their loyalty and apologize (Yes, I said it!) when something goes wrong. A simple, “I’m sorry” goes a long way to recognizing your customers’ needs rather than sweeping them under the rug.

5.     Cancellation. Your customers’ time is just as valuable as yours so, for goodness sake, please inform your clients when something has fallen through. They may be disappointed, but at least they’ll remember you for extending some respect instead of disregarding them altogether.

6.     Conversation. Invite your customers to chat on your website, blog or on social media. Ask opinions on upcoming products and services. Or throw a relevant topic up for discussion.

Follow these six rules of engagement for customer communication and your customers will appreciate your loyalty.

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