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Working in a fast-paced, client driven world, sometimes our client needs tend to outpace our achievable workload. Nikki has proven to be a great asset as her outstanding service and her attention to detail helps us achieve our client demands. We could not be happier with her results. I would recommend her writing and editing services to anyone.

Daniel Lindstrom
Vierbicher, Madison, WI

Nikki recently worked on several author manuscript proofreading and editing projects for me. Her work has been excellent and reliable; I am fully satisfied with her work. Nikki was very flexible and completed all tasks in a timely manner. She showed genuine interest in all my work and partnered with me to meet deadlines. I strongly recommend her for services, such as press releases, editing/proofreading, author manuscripts, and student papers.

Shan Suthaharan PhD
UNC-Greensboro, Greensboro, NC

We were so happy to find Nikki and her services!
Building menus for our franchises requires considerable effort and time to get every detail perfect. Having Nikki’s extra set of eyes is a huge asset for us. Nikki goes beyond just proofing text… she brings tiny design details to our attention from time to time as well.
Her skills are exactly what her business is named: Precise! She is always quick to respond and has everything back to us on time—if not early!

Jen Oakes
Mr. Pickle's, Inc., Loomis, CA

I was in the process of developing my website and contacted Precise to see if they could assist with content. After researching my services, Nikki provided expert and professional writing content in approximately 2-3 weeks, which has become the foundation for my website. I have received several referrals from fortune 500 companies who discovered me through my website. Through Nikki’s services, the ROI has been tremendous. Thank you Precise!

Bill McClure
McClure Ergonomics, Greensboro, NC

I have used Precise Proofing for my website, media packs, and print ads. I can’t recommend them enough! Nikki offers outstanding service, and her attention to detail is incomparable. A+++

Rozy Moule
Ampersand, Greensboro, NC

I was connected to Nikki through a mutual friend, who highly recommended her copywriting services. Nikki has helped me tremendously with my blog, enabling me to post a high-performing article each & every week. I now have articles that are showing up on the 1st page of search engine results! She also helped me extensively with customer emails, and landing pages. I can’t say enough about how much I appreciate her work, her professionalism, and her recommendations to help grow my business. I simply couldn’t do it without her!

Joe Dunlop

In July 2016, I purchased an aging optometry practice that was losing its vitality. My advertising needed a boost. I found Nikki and Precise Proofing about a year ago. She has made my website look great and her attention to my social media has also been phenomenal. Every day, Nikki has relevant posts on my page and promotes them for maximum exposure. Her blog articles are well written and interesting for my patients to read. I am so happy to have found Nikki and I know my office is busier because of her expertise!

William C. Fruchtman, O.D.
Seminole, FL & East Rutherford, NJ

Nikki has a great knowledge of social media marketing. My business has benefited greatly by her social media expertise, and I would definitely recommend her!

Jose Meza
Piedmont Professional Painters, Greensboro/Winston-Salem, NC

I hired Precise Proofing to setup and manage social media for my International Minute Press franchise. I do not hesitate to recommend Nikki and Precise Proofing. What she brings to the table to help a company provide grammatically correct copy, proofing, posting, and site developing pays dividends. I have recognized when a person has a love and passion for what they do, and Nikki has that love and passion for helping people and companies look good through the written word. If you are writing something that others will read and scrutinize, you need Precise Proofing. Nikki will ensure you look great!

Keith Jump
International Minute Press, Greensboro, NC

We’ve been working with Nikki and her company, Precise Proofing, since last year on writing monthly blog articles, managing our social media. We’ve been extremely pleased with her professionalism and the quality of her work! We’ve had several clients comment on how they really like the content we’ve been posting on social media. I highly recommend Precise Proofing!

Jim Helms
Gate City Signs and Graphics, Greensboro, NC

Nikki has become a valuable partner to my company. I needed to update the content on my website and have a monthly blog written for me. She has done a great job at both! Attention to detail and research that results in original ideas and content. I would not hesitate to have Precise Proofing write anything for me or my company.

Jay Harrill
JH3 Technology Solutions, Mooresville, NC

In launching a new business, one of the key strategies that we needed to implement in order to create authority in our space was content creation. The time involved in creating valuable content became a real challenge for us. After using several different copywriters, we were referred to Precise Proofing — wish we would’ve met Nikki a long time ago. Not only are we able to concentrate on other important areas of the business, but we would never be able to match the quality of her writing. Nikki has continued to exceed our expectations with every single assignment. We are now publishing topically relevant content at a cadence that is helping us to grow our audience quicker than imagined.

Joe Dunlop
LiveOn, Inc., Greensboro, NC

Nikki is a pleasure to work with! She is creative and great with communication, making the process seamless and simple for me and my clients needing social media support. Thank you, Nikki, for the great content and communication! Keep it coming!

Terri Watkins
Spinfrogs, Winston-Salem, NC

Nikki has been managing all of my business social media for about the past 6 months. She has been doing a great job with Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. She has been consistent with postings and replies to customers. Nikki’s managing of the social media has increased our presence online. Thank you, Nikki!!!

Beth Kizhnerman
Smith Street Diner, Greensboro, NC

If you have any copywriting needs, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Nikki of Precise Proofing. She is a pleasure to work with and turns out rock solid copy!

Rob Ainbinder
Why People Click, Asheboro, NC

Nikki and Precise Proofing do a fabulous job! I send her my thoughts and ramblings… and she turns them into a well-worded piece. Her ability to say exactly what I need saying is a blessing. I highly recommend Nikki and Precise Proofing for all your writing and content needs!

Nathan Tabor
Professional Speaker, Kernersville, NC

My experience with Precise Proofing has been wonderful! They are the best company to proofread my papers. The Master’s level school I attended demands the latest APA format, and they’re very tough when it comes to grammatical errors. If you need to have your paper proofread, go to the best–Precise Proofing. It’s so worth it!

Dotse Oyarebu
Master's Student, Jonesboro, GA

I made the decision to use Nikki and her services about 6 months ago. She provides robust content for our corporate blog that is both detailed and keyword oriented for SEO. I would recommend Precise Proofing to anyone looking for proofing or writing services.

Rich Young
Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, Richmond, VA

Nikki recently worked on my book development project. She performed an excellent job, and I am fully satisfied with her proofreading work. Nikki was very flexible and completed all tasks in a timely manner. She showed a genuine interest in my work and partnered with me to meet deadlines. Nikki, thank you so much!

Dr. Shan Suthaharan
UNCG, Greensboro, NC

Precise Proofing has been an amazing help to our organization. Nikki has increased our visibility in the Triad and surrounding communities. We are sold in what she can do. Nikki is amazing and definitely knows her business.

Debbie Huffman
Dolce Dimora Fine Linens, Greensboro, NC

Nikki was a joy to work with. The Precise Proofing team kept to every deadline and professionally delivered the proofing for our annual 150-page travel brochure. After several years of internal proofing, the professional results that Precise Proofing contributed to the project made a huge difference and helped us deliver a great end product. Thank you, Nikki!

Rob Fielding
Travcoa, El Segundo, CA

Well-written words are very important to our projects. They are the driving force that gives meaning, and drives the viewer/reader to continue (or go away). Finding the right balance of quality, professionalism, and value can be tough. Nikki Corbett strikes an excellent balance. She is a quick, talented writer who is able to write clearly about a broad range of topics. She is always very professional in her approach, while reliably meeting deadlines. If you’re looking for a creative writer who will work as part of your team, Nikki Corbett is an excellent choice.

Alan Kirby
All Pro Media, Burlington, NC

We count on Precise Proofing to provide professional copy for our chiropractic and wellness clients. They’ve written a large number of sites for us – both small and large – and every one is uniquely written for each client. SEO is important for our doctors, and Precise Proofing comes through for us every time.

Chad DeMoss
Chiro Creative, Boulder, CO

Nikki’s expertise has brought my website from a few sparse pages, to a detailed and strategic site chock-full of SEO for better search engine ranking. I was amazed with the copy writing. It’s beautiful! She wrote every page eloquently and on point. Thank you for all of your hard work and for keeping me on track!

Crystal Staley
Crystallized Creative, Pleasant Garden, NC

I’ve been writing for several years and have worked with marketing companies to provide them with copy as well. I understand marketing and the importance of communicating the right message to the right audience. But when I started working with Nikki, I realized my skills were minuscule compared to hers. She could take copy that I created (and thought was pretty strong) and take it to the next level. The words were crisp and strong, the sentences had more power and impact, and the structure was both tighter and cleaner. She took something decent and made it into something so much better. But the true test was when people read it. They “felt” what I wanted them to feel and weren’t distracted. Her tweaks and edits made my copy truly come alive and, more importantly, sell! My ads did what I wanted them to do, but so much better than I could have done on my own. Sure, you can keep thinking that you don’t need her and let your pride continue to drive your decisions, or you could do the smartest thing I know and just let Nikki take it over. Let her do what she is gifted in — making words shine. You will NEVER regret it!

Ron Pierce
Trinity Solutions, High Point, NC

Nikki Corbett at Precise Proofing has the pulse of social media and how best to engage audiences. The Downtown Greenway has seen increased interest in our project and enhanced engagement with the community as a result of Nikki’s work with us.

Dabney Sanders
Downtown Greenway, Greensboro, NC

We have used Precise Proofing for a variety of different efforts, from an upcoming new product launch for Blue Shark Vodka to marketing efforts for the HBCU Combines, and even some personal correspondence thrown in the mix. Whether we are in need of a press release, web content, merchandising displays or ad copy, the responses are always prompt, the grammar is always correct, and we can always count on no errors!

Mark Bloomquist
CEO, Daytoon, Inc., Greensboro, NC

I searched long and hard to find a copy editor who is up front about the services provided. Precise Proofing proved in every way to be the right choice for editing my human resources manual. If you’re looking for a 5-star company that delivers on-time, quality work executed by a well-credentialed professional, I recommend Precise Proofing.

Jack Scott
High Point, NC

Nikki patiently worked with our company to build a brand and create a brochure, business cards, and a quarterly E-newsletter. The work is always very professional and done in a timely manner. As a new business owner my time is limited, and I know that Precise Proofing will get it done right! I am looking forward to doing more business together soon.

Carley Hampson
Complete Home Services, Greensboro, NC

Our trucking company was in need of a new logo that was creative and stood out from our competitors. I wanted everything to look very professional, and Precise Proofing more than achieved this for us. We now have new logos on our trucks and business cards to match!

Jim Brady
J.O. Brady Trucking, Kernersville, NC

As a growing local courier business, we needed a new logo and business cards. Nikki had great partner companies to work with and helped coordinate the creation of our new logo and the printing of our new business cards. Everything looks professional!

Sandy Phillips
Fast Track Delivery, Kernersville, NC

Nikki did an extraordinary, amazing, incredible job with my brochure! Everyone who has seen it says, “WOW!” I am almost scared to mail them out; I may get TOO much business. If you want the BEST, call Precise Proofing. I can’t thank Nikki enough!

Elizabeth Knight
Knight Interiors, Greensboro, NC

It was a real pleasure working with Nikki and Precise Proofing. She made life easy for us by making sure our website text was flawless. She also did a great job writing a big chunk of our News and Insights articles, which saved me a ton of time! Nikki makes us look good, and we look forward to working with her on our other website this summer. Thanks, Nikki!

Kevin Eller
K2 Productions, Greensboro, NC

I have been working with authors for years, and when the time came to write my own book I thought I knew what I was doing. Guess again. Precise Proofing to the rescue! I had no idea how to format and stay consistent with the subject matter. Nikki looked at and fixed what I needed. My ideas are now shaped in a professional and deliverable way.

Michael Dresser
Host of the Michael Dresser Show, Mequon, WI

Nikki has been creating our quarterly newsletter, website copy, and other marketing items for over a year now. I consider her a part of our team here at Southeastern. She adds tremendous value to our marketing efforts through not only messaging, but also concept and design. I continue to be impressed with how quickly Nikki is able to understand what we do and how we deliver value for our clients, and then turn that into words that convey a clear, efficient, and pertinent message.

Paul Kershaw
Southeastern Cleaning Company, Greensboro, NC

I run a busy medical center, which leaves me little time to work on my marketing. Precise Proofing has been a great resource to create blogs, email newsletters, web pages, and more. They make me look smarter and more professional…who wouldn’t like that? I highly recommend consulting with Nikki for any of your marketing needs.

Tom Monaghan
Piedmont Wellness Center, Greensboro, NC

Nikki has helped us during the rough stage of opening a business. She helped give direction to menu preparation and guidance for both a website and Facebook. It has been relieving to take off one of the “hats” and be confident with the results. Our biggest mistake has been not utilizing all of her abilities and advice from the beginning. Thank you, Nikki and Precise Proofing!

Jason Lozier
Papou's Deli, New Port Richey, FL

Nikki has been a great asset to me. She helped me create an amazing profile on LinkedIn that ranked in the top 1% most viewed @LinkedIn profiles for 2012. Thanks!

Suzi Jackson
Xango, Greensboro, NC

After being appointed AIDP Triad Chapter President, I turned to Nikki at Precise Proofing to craft a press release. She took my ideas, along with her savvy writing skills, and issued a proof to me within days. My press release was published in multiple local news outlets. Nikki’s incredible talent and resources have amplified my credibility and further branded my company.

Maria Adams
Interior Design Solutions by Maria, Summerfield, NC

Precise Proofing has greatly increased the effectiveness of my brochures! Now they are more professional, heartwarming, and easy to understand. I strongly recommend using their services.

Ken Small
H.U.G.S. Foundation, Inc., San Antonio, TX

I needed urgent assistance with my research paper. With only 4 business days to complete the editing and proofreading process, Nikki completed the task earlier than expected with incredible results; I received an “A” on my research paper. I was very pleased with her attention to detail and hands-on approach with both a professional and personal touch. When I need anything edited, I will always use Precise Proofing.

Dexter E. Wilbon
Hiram, GA

Precise Proofing’s work on my project was top-notch! They met a demanding deadline without sacrificing quality. I had a complex project with multiple parts and different levels of editing, from development work to copy editing. Their expertise was worth every penny–I received positive results almost immediately!

Beth Swenson
Nashville, TN

It’s been great to consider Precise Proofing part of our virtual writing/content team. I can count on collaboration and consistency, which makes it easy for me to promote Nikki’s expertise when we’re planning our clients’ projects.

Joe Soler
MadMonk Interactive, Greensboro, NC

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