26 More Great Writing Tips You Can Use Today!


Act out a fight scene or an argument. Does it still work?

Be observant of the world around you.

Create a main character that you reader will care about from the first page—even the first line.

Does what you’ve written make you laugh or cry?

Exciting first line.

Find fault with your main character; he/she is human, too.

Give your reader a reason to care about your main character on the first page.

Has it been said a million times before? Is it worth saying again?

Inevitable—the thing your main character fears the most is the thing that MUST happen in the story.

Judge not your characters. Just let them tell their story.

Keep writing…even on the days that it’s hard to write.

Learn, but don’t tell everything you’ve learned.

Meditate/contemplate your craft and world.

Never forget conflict. It must appear on some level on every page.

Open your mind to something you never thought would happen in your story.

People watch and take notes. You’ll see/hear interesting tidbits to include in a story some day.

Question each character’s motives.

Read every chapter out loud. Not as time consuming as it sounds and your story will thank you for it.

Stereotypes should be avoided to create characters with individual depth and personality.

Time should be imprecise except when timing is necessary.

Underneath your story, there should be another story.

Visualize a scene and use sensory description.

Write every day.

X-ray—let your reader see all of your main character. Withhold nothing.

Yearn for your characters.

Zzzzz—begin a chapter when your character awakens only once in your story.


What works for you? Want to share your own writer’s tips?
Let us know. We may include yours in our next edition.


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