26 Writer’s Tips No Matter What You Write

Are you writing fiction, non-fiction, poetry, children’s books, YA? No matter what you write and no matter how long you’ve been writing, we can all use an idea or two to shake us out of our writing habits to explore something new. Here are 26 writer’s tips that will spark your creativity.

Associate yourself with other writers. Join a critique group.

Be a storyteller at heart.

Create story arc with things that challenge the main character: Oh, Oh my, Oh dear, Oh no, Oh yes!

Decide whose story it is.

Educate yourself. Hone your craft. Never stop learning.

Free write. Don’t be afraid of stream of consciousness.

Go there emotionally with your characters.

Hook your reader, then teach them without preaching.

Inner conflict—we all have it, so should your main character.

Join a local chapter of a professional writer’s association (e.g., SCBWI, RWA, SFWA).

Keep your readers’ imaginations fully engaged through every stage and revision.

Lock away that internal editor.

Make your story circulatory: the end is in the beginning and the beginning is in the end.

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Never use too many directionals.

Outline your novel/story and use it as a discovery tool.

Point of view should be accessible to the reader at every turning point/event.

Quiet places. Need I say more?

Revise, revise, revise. This is where story is discovered.

Stay away from fads, language, etc., that can date your book.

Toss your writing aside to make room for the really good stuff that hasn’t yet been written.

Use words and events that evoke images.

Voice is how we talk inside our own heads.

Write from your antagonist’s point of view (or your protagonist if the antagonist is your main character).

Xenolith—be on the lookout for the story within your story.

YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, etc. Promote yourself and create conversation well before your first book is published.

Zingers bring your characters to life.


What works for you? Want to share your own writer’s tips?
Let us know. We may include yours in our next edition.


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