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Is it worth it to send a press release? An informative press release provides free advertising and a marketing venue. Here’s how smart companies prosper by sending press releases…

If you’re looking for ways to reach more potential customers, a well-written, informative press release is the way to do it. There are lots of reasons to send a press release. It provides free advertising, boosts visibility online and on social media, and more. But don’t just write a release, press send, and hope for the best. You need to use these four tips, so your story and information stands out from the crowd!

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Why Announce Company Changes to News Organizations?

Do press releases still work? It’s a valid question. Writing a press release might sound outdated, but it’s one of the most cost-effective ways to market your business. And according to a 2021 Cision study, 78% of journalists say they still want to receive business press releases from marketing and PR professionals.

So, what can you do to get press for your business, nonprofit organization, or event? Sharing the right content is the first step! Keep reading for insight on why you should report your news and market your business with press releases.

4 Reasons to Write a Press Release

“Publicity is absolutely critical. A good PR story is infinitely more effective than a front-page ad.”

– Richard Branson

Press releases are work well for more than just announcing major milestones and new hires. Find out how they can make your business stand out in print and on social media! Here are four reasons to send a press release and add PR to your small business marketing plan.

Goal #1: Build credibility among existing and potential clients.

Many small businesses forget when they’re starting that they need to get their name out there as much as possible — especially if they’re trying to compete against larger companies. Sending out company news releases is an easy way to get free exposure for your business without paying for advertising or promotions. Also, if you’ve been in business for a while but haven’t done much marketing or advertising, press releases can help build credibility among existing and potential clients by getting your name out there and making your brand more visible.

Goal #2: Develop relationships with journalists and influencers.

Think of editors and reporters as your allies. Be polite, friendly, and address them by name. Give reporters/staff writers the information they need to provide a good story for their publication. Respect their time by keeping follow-up emails to a minimum. Remember, reporters are busy, so one follow-up (if that) is plenty!

Think of the reporter as your target audience and put their needs first. Then they’re sure to start thinking—and talking—about you.

Launching a press release regularly can also help you build relationships with online social influencers who can help promote your business. This is especially important if you’re launching a new product or service. For example, if an influencer likes what they see in your press release, they could write about it on their blog or share it on social media.

Goal #3: Cultivate your brand’s image.

Marketing is an ongoing process that starts with the brand you invest in and build. You might have a good product, but it can fall flat or fail if no one knows about it.

So, get your name out there and do it the right way. Make sure people know what sets you apart from the competition with the right information. Press releases are a great way to do this, but make sure to have something important to say in each company news release. Otherwise, editors and journalists will start to see you as the business that “cries wolf” and start to overlook your press releases. So don’t overdo it. Make sure your communications are worth your customers’ time and make every communication count!

Goal #4: Build SEO traffic.

“Google only loves you when everyone else loves you first.”

– Wendy Piersall

Press releases also help build SEO and social traffic for your organization. The more people talk about your company, the more search engines view your site as an authority. That means that, with increased name recognition, you’ll get more traffic from searches and a higher ranking in important search engine result pages (SERPs).

News sites often publish articles based on press releases, which means that if you distribute a newsworthy announcement with good information, people will see it when they visit those websites and even on their social media. This exposure can drive traffic back to your website and social profiles (and boost both your SEO and online domain authority score). In addition, having a high-ranking press release on Google can put your brand in front of new customers and prospects.


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3 New Bonus Tips: When to Send a Press Release—and More!

Now that you know the four top reasons to market your business through company press releases, How can you make sure people read what you send? Here are three quick tips—from when you should send a press release to how often and more.

Tip #1: Don’t overdo it!

If you’ve wondered how often to distribute press releases, the short answer is less than more. Depending on your business, a few times per year or once per month is enough to help journalists become familiar with your brand—and only when you have something newsworthy to share. Remember, never send a release just to send it!

Tip #2: Know when to deliver your news release.

Do your research if you’re wondering when to email a press release for an event or what day of the week is the most effective. If you want local TV or radio coverage, aim for three to four days before your event. If you’re targeting print publications, consider more lead time.

when to send a press release

So, when is the ideal time of day to email a press release?

The best time of day to deliver a newsworthy press release is between 10 am and 2 pm. Editors have opened and read most of the emails they’ve received. Early mornings and late afternoons are less effective as open rates drop by as much as 20.5% during those times. Read this article for 21 must-know PR tips for your brand.

Tip #3: Enlist the help of PR pros.

Cision, PR Web, and Business Wire are all well-known and great resources for monitoring media and distributing releases. But if you don’t have time to learn yet another tool or write yet another piece of marketing material, hire a professional agency like Precise Creative! Working with someone who already has relationships with local, regional, and national media—and knows the ins and outs of branding, SEO, and marketing—is a huge competitive differentiator.

Do You Need Help Marketing Your Business?

If you need help to write or better define the reasons to send a press release, Precise Creative can help you with PR! We’re here to get the word out about your business—in print and on social media. Our writers have journalism backgrounds, so we know how to use the right information to get your business noticed. You’ll receive a turnkey press release that can get you the attention you deserve. That means you can spend more time running your business well and less time stressing about marketing!

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