Content is Best Left to a Professional Writer or Editor


1. Your secretary doesn’t have editorial, copywriting, or journalism experience. Chances are you hired your secretary to perform general secretarial or other job-appropriate duties. Same goes for your assistant, human relations manager, customer service representative, etc. If writing web/advertising content isn’t part of their job description from the start, leave the writing to the professionals.

2. Employees, by default, are too close to company culture. If you have a well-trained staff, then they know your products/offerings inside and out. They live and breathe it every day. For this reason, it becomes difficult to catch the most obvious of errors—even if multiple people review the same document. Our eyes see what we expect them to see, and our brains tend to subconsciously fill in the blanks. An impartial (outside) editor will catch both obvious and subtle errors in your company content. Plus they’ll make note of what might be missing from your message to make it more effective.

3. Time is of the essence. When your company has an impending deadline, your first obligation is to service your clients and follow through with promised work. Proofreading, editing, and writing responsibilities distract your employees from their primary job focus—your clients. Hiring a professional editor/writer frees your employees to focus on the task at hand. Plus, a professional will finish the job faster and with more accuracy. An editor takes the worry off of your plate while you move onto your next project.

4. Your reputation is worth more than just ‘good enough.’ Asking a friend or colleague to review content does not guarantee that every error will be caught. A professional proofreader/editor offers a fresh, objective pair of eyes and bears extensive knowledge regarding punctuation, hyphenation, grammar, word use, etc. Leave your company’s brand, image, and reputation in the hands of a professional. Their job is ALWAYS to make you look good.


Now, it’s your turn. Why do you think that writing, editing, and proofreading is best left to professionals?

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